What I Believe

Stop the Nonsense

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Too much time is wasted on bathroom bills, "anti-this and that" legislation.  Let's open up the "good 'old boys" club and focus on the important issues!

Invest in Our Kids

It's absolutely the best investment we can make.  Sadly, we invest less per student today than we did 10 years ago!  Let's get creative and properly support our K-12, universities and tech schools.  Scholarship programs without full funding is foolish.

Keep Our Economy Humming

"Anti-this and that" legislation from Pierre will destroy our reputation as a welcoming community -- limiting our economic opportunities.  Let's fully support smart growth initiatives from workforce development to affordable housing, adding good jobs and expanding our businesses.

Education Funding Down

...that our State invests less today in our K-12 students than it did ten years ago?  And, that's despite a +20% increase in sales tax revenue.  That's just unacceptable.  It's time to make education funding a priority again within our existing budget.

Let's Invest Our Surplus

Rather than locking away our annual budget surpluses in the State's trust account, let's use that money to fund repairs to infrastructure and needs-based scholarships.

Billion Dollars in Reserve

...that our State has over $1 BILLION in reserves.  And, they keep locking away more of your tax dollars into that trust fund.  That just doesn't make sense.  It's time to invest all of our current tax dollars into unfunded and underfunded pressing needs.

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